Privacy Policy


General Information

Information about your treatment and care acquired by MASA Assist as a result of providing emergency assistance services on your behalf is protected by federal and states laws, including but not limited to The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). As a result, MASA Assist may not disclose medical information of a MASA Assist member to a person not directly related to the transportation or review of transportation of a MASA Assist member or to any person other than the medical personnel involved in your treatment, the air ambulance provider, a MASA Assist employee, or a family member or representative involved in the decision making process of your medical transportation in the event you are incapacitated and incapable of participating in the decision making process.

Your Privacy Rights

The law gives you the right to:

Review or obtain a copy of the health information that MASA Assist has acquired while in the process of evaluating your transportation needs;

Request a listing of the times that MASA Assist has disclosed health information about you;

Ask MASA Assist to limit the use or disclosure of health information about you than legally required;

Request and obtain a paper copy of this notice from MASA Assist;

Withdraw permission that you have given MASA Assist to use or disclose health information that identifies you, unless MASA Assist has already taken action based upon your permission.

MASA Assist's Duty to Protect Health Information that Identifies You

Federal and state laws require MASA Assist to protect the privacy of health information that identifies you. It also requires MASA Assist to give you this notice of its legal duties and privacy practices.

At times, MASA Assist may request permission from you in writing to disclose information about you in the form of a "testimonial" regarding your experience with MASA Assist services. If you provide your written permission to publish your information, then MASA Assist may do so, but only the actual testimonial you have provided. MASA Assist will not disclose any other additional medical information.

Our employees shall not be granted access to your health information unless it is for a business reason.

If you believe your privacy rights have been violated, you may contact MASA Assist directly at 1-800-423-3226 and ask for the President of MASA Assist or you may contact the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. There will be no retaliation for filing a complaint.

HOW MASA Assist may use and Disclose Health Information that Identifies You

  • In the performance or review of the need for emergency assistance transportation services;
  • Training of MASA Assist transport representatives;
  • Carrying out activities in relation to the MASA Assist member services agreement;
  • Providing medical review, legal services, or audits;
  • Engaging in business management and the general administrative activities of the company;

For other Law Enforcement purposes

  • To comply with a subpoena;
  • To comply with an administrative request, such as a civil complaint or Arbitration Hearing on your behalf; or
  • To comply with an order from a court;

As required by Law

  • MASA Assist must use or disclose health information about you when a law requires the use or disclosure.


In Florida and in some island nations MASA Assist is regulated by their Insurance Departments. In every jurisdiction where MASA Assist is deemed to be an insurance product it fully complies with each and every regulatory requirement. This does not impact your privacy rights, which are followed in all states and countries in which MASA Assist transacts business.

MASA Assist may not be purchased in the state of Alaska.